Friday, June 14, 2013

My car was given the name Melchior by my kids and wife years ago.  When I first started driving it the name was the "red car" then I handed it over to my wife so as to reduce the mileage beating that it received daily and it became the kid transport car. Thus, how it acquired its name. 

Today Melchior has given me a day off.   At 264, 000 miles and about 10 years this has been a good reliable car and still fun to drive and it pulled me through that spin out a little while back quite nicely so I plan on keeping it as long as I can.  But today it is needing a little maintenance.

A while ago the car would shake when I would come in for a stop. It was sort of like the feeling when a jet is landing and the pilot throws the throttle into reverse and the plane shakes. Well that was the way I would come in for a landing at the exit ramps on my commute and when my kids started saying "wooo".   So I took it in and the rotors were warped.  They could try to grind them down to stop the shake and it did work for a couple of months. But not so long ago  the unmistakable noise of pending brake doom (crunch) (skreeh) started to appear and a continuous ticking noise, which my mechanic's wife just told me could be an indicator they put in there to get you to have your brakes looked at.. If it is, it's pretty smart because that was what made me finally pick up the phone to make an appointment.  Of course this hs been on the to do list for weeks but so has taking lunch brakes, and I'm not too good at that either. 

So Melchior is in the garage which is the halfway mark of one of my 5  mile run routes. So I dropped it off and ran home to a low key day of not checking work email or message and just clearing up accumulated shit with a good amount of idleness thrown in for good measure.  Since I am car-less my options are limited which is actually quite fine.  

It appears that the rain has subsided for the moment. I think everyone in the northeast has had enough of it. I went out on the river kayaking last weekend and it was the first time ever I didn't feel entirely comfortable. The river was very high and the current very strong, making it a more strenuous workout at least going up stream and then coming back was about a third of a time and coming in to the shore more precarious than I have ever experienced.  I am not a fan of dunking, unless it is a hot summer day and all the electronics are packed and secure.  But obviously it worked out fine or the story would be longer.

Time to hit the garden and do some quick weeding.


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peg said...

Sometimes being car-less leaves me feeling uneasy, other times it feels like a blessing...nowhere to go,no way to get there anyhow.

I am glad, reading your previous post, that your wise & trusty car got you out of what could have been a terrible jam. Your angels were watching!