Sunday, December 30, 2012

The wind is howling out there. The house makes a bump like something hit it and my youngest is walking from room to room inquiring what it may be. I suspect it's just the way the wind has hit her corner of the house as there aren't many trees close to the house.

I pulled up this link and realized how long it has been since I posted anything. The ramp up to Christmas is always a hectic time. Throw into to that transitioning a couple of kids back from college, a lot of work activity and winter prep and before you know it, not much time is left for contemplating posts. Often my posts are launched from photos but I haven't taken much of those other than family or some touristy things.  We made a trip into NYC earlier in the month to visit my eldest who was doing a semester internship working behind the scenes on a well known political satirist TV show, so we went down for a taping and took in the energy of the city at Christmas time.

We've had some family trips and also just hung out a bit seeing to local basketball and dinner with friends and the annual joirney to the area tree farm in search of the perfect tree

Pretty boring stuff  in the grand scheme of life but I am not complaining. If anything I'd love more of this "boring stuff".

As we approach the flip over of the calendar it seems normal to reflect back and plan forward and like many other I am doing that in pieces.  So many transitions this past year with kids and family and work and friends. Refining the redefinition of being a parent of adult kids and rebuilding a life that is no long so kid focused. I have said goodbye to several of my volunteer roles and picked up only a few new. I am cautious of how I refill the time and find that I am eager to say no thanks [at least for a while] . Running [could I not mention that] had a bit of a plateau the past few months as my mileage dropped considerably through the draw is still strong enough that even in the snow and 18 degree weather yesterday I took in a tough 4 mile run. I don't mind the cold as much as I do trying to get a good footing in the snow and I hate the treadmill. But I have heard the local high school has laid in a cross country ski paths around the soccer fields, which may hold some promise.  My plans to do a half marathon in February is pretty much off the table but I've downloaded the race schedules for 2013 and there is one nearby in March, which I night soon be signing up for .

I am looking at how to use this simmering passion to further other objectives I have in life. I haven't figured it out but many thoughts are popping through. It should be interesting.

So, in case this is my last post of the year -given that tomorrow is a work day. I wish all who venture by here a healthy end of this year and a prosperous and healthy 2013.