Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Happy Easter to all who pass by here!

It's a rather gray day in the Berkshires. Breezy and 50.  When I went out for a run at 7 it was 37, so it's definitely improved.  As I look out over the back yard and off into the woods the remnants of winter are all around. Lots and lots of limbs and twigs that will keep me busy next weekend when I do a spring burn.

The week of Easter is always a busy one so after today things will start to wind down again. Spring is still a while away. The buds of flowers are barely appearing and the tree buds still have weeks to go. But the days are longer and light brighter.

Have a good day all!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wow, I took a look at the blog and it dawn on me that I took the winter off.  Not really, I have about 3 posts in the draft box but never got to the point of hitting the publish button. But of course it doesn't count unless it's posted.

It's been a little crazy. Work is more than a little wild with some personalities acting up big time. We've also been doing a lot of work on the house. When life is crazy and work is crazy, the idea of sitting in front of a computer at home just doesn't do it.

The main bathroom is now completely finished having painted it all a couple of times, stain blocked and painted the ceiling and all the dark molding and replaced the lights. We also have repainted most of the dark trim white and it lighten things up amazingly. Add to that some major clean-outs, trips to Goodwill and a big trip to the waste facility [the indoor version of a dump]. The family room has new carpet delivered home stuffed in my Corolla. That has certainly kept us busy.  And the pellet stove has been a stressor for almost a month and just got resolved. I like to figure out why things aren't working and if I can fix it, get it done of get someone in to fix it..I was trying all sorts of things, cleaning it twice a week and still it would stay on for about an hour then die, wait a few minutes then I could restart it. Finally ready to call in the reserves I find out the place we bought from and that has done all the servicing has closed as has the other local outlet. Freaking out I finally tracked down a repair tech who was an absolute gem.  Replacing one part, then subing it back when after a couple hours the thing shut off again then trying something new. He was a gem not just because he was a good guy but he only charged for the first call and never took money for a part that didn't make it better long term. Exhausting all other options, including changing the fuel I finally replaced the remote and it has been fin ever since.

So with the stove resolved and this phase of paining done, there is a little let down and regrouping. My running has really suffered from all the activity, really dark mornings and my mileage has drop down to numbers I did years ago. But I expect with better weather and earlier sunrises I be back into it. The half marathon will just have to wait a bit longer.

Out the back window I am seeing fireworks of the mountain of a local ski area. St Patrick's day I am assuming. I hear the booming and first thought, oh crap a chimney fire or tree on the roof but then pleasantly spotted the flares through the trees.

Spring is next week but it is still in the 20-30s and some snow on the ground. The warm weather is still more than a month away.  The basil plants are started and I am waiting for the sprouts. 

Happy Spring and St. Patty's day to all.