Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It really doesn't seem like it is December 28th. Last night was heavy rain and today was kind of a mix. The last few days its been cold and a mixture of flurries and snow. Neither winter nor fall.

Being on vacation this week and exposed to more food than usual, thanks to a son who loves to bake and is very good at it, I have been trying to get some miles in running on the treadmill in the basement. While I can work up a good sweat, the challenge is that the tread movement isn't always even and can jump, so if I don't hold on I could easily end up on the floor. But holding on is bad form and leads to uneven strides and lower back aches. So in this more mild weather what better motivation to hit the street.

The mist over the hills and over the fields is of course beautiful and while lush green foliage of summer is stunning there is a simpler more visible beauty in nature that is exposed without the leaves and brush. As I ran the snow flurries began and soon were pelting me like rice confetti at a wedding, but soon they too moved on.

On a day like this, it is hard to believe that this is what is was a year ago today.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Olivia's Overlook

My blog seems to get a good number of hits from people looking for information on Olivia's Overlook. Probably because I uploaded some shots awhile ago.

So I thought I'd add some more and some links for visitors who are looking.

The overlook itself is a clearing in the woods created but the laying of gas lines and reveals stunning views of Lake Mackinac aka Stockbridge Bowl. The land is part of land trust and is connected to other land trusts and protected properties. This is part of Yokun Ridge.

The Berkshire Natural Resource Council manages many properties throughout the Berkshires. Click on their name and it will bring you to this property with access to the others.

So if you are headed to Olivia's overlook, enjoy the view but don't miss out on some of the other great views and trails as well.

This one is

There are also several pieces of land within 5 minutes from here that are great for hiking. Steven's Glen being one and another is Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary ( part of Mass Audubon)

The Michael Walsh trail leaves from the parking lot and goes up along the ridge line and into the woods.

Across the road connects to the Burbank Trail loop up to Mission Pond. As the sign warns, some of these properties are open for hunting in season, so caution is advised in the cooler months. Pleasant Vally Sanctuary does not allow hunting.

These pictures were taken in the morning as the mist was still on the lake and hadn't yet been burned of by the sun.

At close to the crest of the ridge on a road out of Lenox and past Tanglewood, it reaches a peak then the road moves down the other side of the ridge to West Stockbridge ( that is unless you go straight and end up in Richmond. The road is a shortcut for those coming in from New York and heading for Tanglewood or Lenox.

It gets confusing sometime where you are. Lenox Mountain seems very much to be the same ridge structure as Richmond Mountain. It really depends on which direction you are coming from.

For some contrast, here is the same view in the summer.

So if you are heading to Olivia's Overlook enjoy the view and the walk in the woods. But don't miss out on some of the other great views as well.

This one is just down the mountain and past Tanglewood and called Gould Meadows, also part of a land trust and includes trails that go down to Stockbridge Bowl.