Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's quite cold here in the Berkshire's and has been for a while. I just started back at running when this cold run hit and haven't been out as dark and cold don't work for me, especially as I am rebuilding training. Work has been so crazy that even time to hit the gym has been tough to find. So as I look at possible 37 or 40 over the weekend that actually seems warm enough to get a couple of small runs in.

The pellet stove, which has pumped out huge amounts of heat over its life has hit that stage when things are breaking. First a thermostat, then a fan and just yesterday the auger that dumps the pellets to burn. We knew that the auger was going but having just replace a $300 fan we hoped to nurse it til spring. But yesterday when we came home to a cold house and the stove only makes a clicking noise when trying to start it, we knew it had died.  It is when the stove isn't working that you realize how inadequate (and expensive) electric heat is for this area.

Last night we learned that a 68 year old friend died of pancreatic cancer. Woo!  She had been out for foot surgery and was in rehab and thought she was doing well but learned that this was discovered a few months back and she didn't want to tell anyone.  Sad on many fronts. The relatively young age, that she didn't want to share and let those of us who knew her be present. Going to the funeral for her seems empty, I and many of us, had just assumed that the rehab on the foot was taking longer than expected and would have adjusted schedules and been some support to the family.  It's these kind of events that make you stop and think (at least they should) abiut how fragile life can be.

My oldest heads off to the south tomorrow at the start of a new theatrical tour. Florida, then Potsdam then California. A great new adventure that will give a boost to his acting gift and traveling around is always a good adventure.