Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks, all is well. I even discovered my pipe leak and have so far fixed it without a plumber, without any holes in the walls and with a single screw. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this does it long term.

I will tell some of the story if I can figure out how to tell it in less than a full page. I very short, I am aware of others who are in situations of bad health, injury, unemployment, turmoil and in more than a few situations can think of how I an my family might be very different had an occurrence in my past taken a very slightly different turn and the turns were a matter of happening when and how they did rather than choices made.

It not only makes me grateful for the turn that my situation took and then also how I took it from there, but also open to repaying and feeding the good karma and energy in the world that enabled this.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There but for the grace of God and the fate of occurrences, is me.

It may be good, may be bad, it may be life changing........ We may realize based on another's experience that started similar to ours but proceeded very differently, that we really "dodged a bullet".

I know that at least in most of these "life changing experiences" that I have come through with a different awareness, a better appreciation for what other's might be going through, a broader depth of knowledge and strength. And also out of those has come a need to pass this on where I can.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It feels like summer. Cold weather seems so far away yet there is still a bag of pellets near the store just in case. The bees are out buzzing among the flowers making a noise that can be hear from a distance. Good to see them and hear them around.

I seem to be running a streak of things breaking and rebreaking. The post about the leak was a new break but hitting on the list it takes on more significance and AGGGG factor. The struts on the old car replaced 6 months ago at an obscene amount, one side breaks again a month or so later and needs to be replaced and a couple of weeks ago the other side starts to make noises again and I have to make time to take the car in and get that fixed. Then the self propel on the lawn mower breaks, get fixed and return and after one mow breaks again. Send it back and yesterday while calling to find out when its coming back as the lawn is growing quick, I have the discussion of "well you know these things are built that strongly and can't always be fixed............." Why didn't they tell me before putting in a new blade and doing a full tune up". I'll continue that discussion tomorrow when the mechanic is in.

So I am thinking that I need to rid the place of bad spirits, if that is what is going on. Do a few chants and smoke the buggers out and perhaps I'll get a few more ants in the process. In the mean time I'll enjoy the rain and be thankful that it is really it that is preventing the lawn from being mowed.