Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was blog wandering a little while ago and came back to a blog I hadn't visited in quite a while and the writer's self discussion was about the expression or lack of expression of creative talent.

This is one of those one sided discussions I have had many times with myself, so I can appreciate it.

If you know people who have a very clear creative identity or focus it can be intimidating to those of us who dabble or lack the confidence and time to explore. I happen to know several people who have such talent and it makes me less likely to be "out there" exploring my artsy side or at least publicizing it. It is not anything that they do, its all about me "not measuring up".

I think I am like many who wish they could find the vehicle that appeals to the masses and provides some positive reinforcement to continue. Do we all wish we could be a Monet'?

It is much easier for someone who is called an artist to be one than it is someone who is viewed as not, to be one.

This blog serves somewhat of an outlet for my creative side. The pictures, the words, the layout. It is somewhat anonymous to all but a handful of people who have "found" me. It speaks to a very different "me" than the person many people know me in a very calm, measured , analytical work role, though as Debbie pointed out a while ago this blog does draw on the serious side of me.

Though I carry a clown nose around in my day bag (yes I really do have a red nose in my bag) and am know by those close to me to have an unpredictable zany side, that doesn't often come across through artful expression. Why is that?

I can be very creative in my professional work,and though it can consume enormous amounts of time, it is often viewed with connectedness to the main part of my job, though it really isn't and I again am confined back in my "box".

People often see the person in the role they are familiar with , who may be creative and assume it must be connected to his job, and not that this is a very creative individual both inside and outside of the "job box".

When we had someone over for dinner a while back, my wife happened to use some pottery pieces I made and mentioned that I had. There was amazement, as I didn't seem the type though I'd done it for several years. I also draw and am a creative cook both of which also seem to be out of character

So like this fellow blogger, I continue not only to find ways to be creative but how to be out there and be creative and be invited to do things requiring creativity and not just viewed from the confines of this box.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ice Glen

Last fall, October 16th to be precise, I posted some pictures of a bridge over the river and trail I found at the end of a dead end road. Across the bridge were some railroad tracks and across that some trails led into the woods.

Well a week or so ago I learned the rest of the story.

Looking for a place for a family outing, my wife suggested a hike in a spot she had found about named ice glen. It was in the 90s so any place with the name "ice" had to be appealing. It was outside of Stockbridge down a side road with a bridge leading to the trail. At first I couldn't figure out where it was until we started talking directions I discovered that it was the trail on the other side of the tracks.

Waling up a steady incline into the wood it just seemed to be getting warmer, until the shade made it darker and the

until the rock walls appeared and the trail dropped into a narrow ravine. The walls of stone were actually huge rocks piled that created deep caves in the walls, vents into the deeper earth.
Passing each cave the temperature dropped and a cool moist air seemed to pour out. The moisture feeding the green foliage and cool air feeling like an air conditioner.

Some of the steep walls were covered in moss and ferns and small plants clung to the sides well anchored almost like a terrarium .

The trail moved up and down through the rocks with the caves at the base somewhat ominous in what nocturnal wild life might be within. The base seemed almost like a stream bed, which in the spring I expect it is. Draining into the underground caves and cascading down to the river we crossed over.

The writeup said that snow could sometimes be found into the summer. I can imagine that, though the steady heat of the past few weeks eliminated that chance.

An amazing sight and experience, so removed and quiet and cool yet so close to the "beaten path" .

One never knows what is at the end of a trail.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The forth of July is often the official start of the tourist season here. In addition to it being a long holiday weekend this year, it is also referred by many locals as "James Taylor weekend" .

Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra ) is the behemoth of tourists draws here, so until it opens the tourist business is on the sluggish side. Having kids that now work in local restaurants, we have become attuned to things like this. There are many theater and other cultural venues in the immediate area but none are a large or draw the crowds like Tanglewood.

While the BSO season officially starts next week, one of the big Tanglewood events in the popular music series is James Taylor and this year with Carole King. The sold out concerts bring many thousands of out-of towners. In a past year, Taylor teamed with John Williams and the BSO for movie night and the crowds were so large that highways and local roads were jammed and the symphony itself had difficulty getting there. Subsequently a local ordinance was passed requiring a cap of ticket sales at I believe 18,000 and when that is reached, it must be marketed as sold out and signs are on the highways. This year it is 2 concerts so the crowds will be spread out but still the max is reached and one of the concerts is a charity event with the proceeds going back to the BSO.

So as drove through town this morning to drop off one kid for breakfast waitstaff job the increase in numbers and runners on the streets was noticeable. If you were from the city you'd think nothing of it, but this is a small town and even a slight increase in people is noticable.

Tomorrow is my 3rd 5k race. It is part of the beginning of the 4th of July Parade in Pittsfield, one of the largest in the country complete with floats and big balloons. It is interesting being in this race as there are already hundreds lining the parade route clapping as a thousand runners come along.

My attitude has really changed since my first race. Then I wanted to make sure I didn't come in
dead last. Now I am pretty confident about the distance and its more about seeing if I can trim some time off of last year's time. I have more experience and training though I also have one more year on me. It will be fun and I often see all sorts of people either in the race or on the side that I never expect to see.

Happy 4th of July all.