Friday, May 3, 2013

It's been a long day. Out of the house before 7 for an 8:00AM meeting. Then there was a meeting at 9 and at 10 and at 11 with fielding emails on the side and hearing of rumbling troubles brewing. Then there was break til 1 to really respond to messages and emails then back in for meetings at 1, 2 and 3 then on the road shortly after 5 to get home to chair a 6-9 volunteer meeting. A killingly long day and I m not sure how much I got done and my mind is mush.

Coming home I am exhausted and fatigued to the core but I didn't want to just veg as that leads to snacking through the rest of the night, which is never good, plus I needed to be awake a while past my 10:30 bed time.

It was a beautiful day that I unfortunately missed being inside and it was a beautiful night in the in the 60s so surprising as I drove home with the windows open I found myself motivated enough to toss on the shorts and shoes and go for a short run along the road of the sleeping giant.

The moon was not yet up as I passed the pond and the peepers were making a racket. There was a strong breeze that during the day might have felled like I was pushing against a wall, but tonight it met me but seemed to swirl by. Running along the ridge line the moon is just starting to rise in the east and barely outlines the top and create that magical outline of the sleeping giant.  Hitting the point where the sidewalk ends, it time to turn back and work my way back.  Sweaty in the night breeze an occasional car temporarily blinds my way and makes me slow down. Fortunately there are only a few.

Heading up the hill and down to my dark street and the cool-down walk and I am home.  Tired but no longer fatigued. My head is clear, I am ready for a warm shower and guiltless devouring of the ice cream treat I grabbed on my way home, the long day behind me.    Life is sweet

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