Monday, June 2, 2014

It's been a while since I have had a garden.  My son has had a garden, then the family had a garden but this year I'm the only one interested.  This area has woods and a house on three sides so sun is limited. The crops are lettuce, kale, spinach, basil, garlic and of course the obligatory tomato plants, with flowers mixed in.  Now to see if the rabbits can be kept out. Today there wa a bobcat and a bear in the yard, come to think if it I didn't see any rabbits today. wild kingdom!

It's also been a while since I've posted here though i probably have a half dozen partial posts that I just never got around to finishing, a downside of writing at the end of the day is that I get too comfortable and fall assleep.  Life has been busy. The dip I that I experienced at work for a couple years has at least temporarily levelsed off, making it less crazy though I am at the point where I despise emails, group emails,emails that copy everyone and emails the start off small but then start adding more and more people, for what reason I am never sure, but usually sure that the motives are niot always good.

I'm coming slowly back into running after an almost 6 month hiatus for a pn injury. It's really show and hard and difficult to remind me how daisy it was before,  But, I'll keep plugging.


debbie said...

Ah hah!! There you are!! A wild cat and a bear?!?
Goodness, it is wild Kingdom there. I'd love to see a wildcat, but am leery of bears. Well...I'm afraid of them to put it simply. Your garden looks small but I bet it's mighty! Hope the deer don't reach inside and eat your produce! lol You sound like Bob with the emails and such. He doesn't go NEAR this computer when he comes home. Doesn't want to look at it. Are any of your kiddos coming home for the summer? I just got back from South Carolina. The weather was perfect. No, not the beach. Lake Greenwood. It's beautiful there. We go twice a year.
Hopefully little by little you'll get back into running. Do you have a treadmill? Oh, it's not the same. If you have one, put it out in the back of your yard and jog there! Good to hear from you!....debbie

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Hi Debbie,
Good to hear from your too. Yes it is a small garden but it will serve both the aesthetic and time demand purposes as well as work with the limited amount of sun. The front yard would be ideal as it is solid southern exposure but wouldn't pass the aesthetic muster. The garden is heavy on greens and basil, which we will use the quickest and some tomatoes.

You are somewhat correct about the use of the computer after work. If it can't be done on my ipad then I'm usually not motivated. Blogger isn't ipad friendly except for comments like this, though even that is tough.

The youngest is home for the summer which is always welcome. My oldest is just finishing up a national touring gig with a theater company and hoping to start training with another in the fall. He's been home for a few days and hopefully we'll get some long weekends with him.,
Running is coming back very slowly and I am learning patience so that I don't re injure myself.

Have a good summer.