Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is definitely here and as I think about it, that is unusual. Usually we bounce around in an out of winter and then right into early summer. Because we live at a higher elevation spring and summer comes later than the lower areas. But this past week has been glorious. Warm and sunny and the sun is up later, I've even been able to take some late afternoon runs, which always brighten the spirit.

Last week or so ago we went through several days of high winds. I've written about the wind here, as it is fairly constant and can be quite active.

I had just cleared the yard of all the branches brought down over the winter and gad enough to keep a fire going for hours and then wind came and blew down much much more and the yard looks like I never done anything.

Another thing that it blew down were pine cones. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

All around the yard and in the woods there is almost a layer. More so than I can recall.

From a distance they look like a mole or something similar until you realize they aren't moving.

Looking high in the trees there are still plenty up there and who knows when they will join the rest.

I recall when we lived in a house with oak trees that would go through cycles and would dump so many acorns that I used a snow shovel and barrel to clean them up.
I am sure there is a similar cycle for pine trees and cones.


Anonymous said...

You might gather up a couple of hundred and your wife will have them for Christmas!! She can make all kinds of things! lol lol...just kidding!! Glad spring has sprung in your area. I'm waiting patiently for my budded daffodils to bloom!! shouldn't be too long now, maybe the end of the week! Hope it doesn't snow anymore for you, but being so high, I wouldn't bet on it! lol...debbie

janet said...

Hi Jeff,
Here in Eastham we have the downed branches, pine cones, acorns, oak leaves, the works! Today may be the day to clean them up... can pinecones be burned in the fireplace? Hopefully it won't hurt to try a few. We've been enjoying snowdrops, crocus, and heather in bloom here, with the beginnings of hyacinths and daffs. The bright colors are so welcome to my eyes.