Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Colors

I have been writing an entry about my observations of winter colors. Here is how I started out….

It is obvious that the vibrant colors of summer and fall fade off when we get to winter but the brightness, because of the lack of leaves, intensifies. Add some snow on the ground and things get washed out.

The clouds and sky are grayer, the blue sky more muted, the browns aren’t accented with vibrant green but just sit there with brown and an occasional yellow.

This is where I got stuck. When I look about and take it all in, it isn’t bleak at all but when I try to find the words to physically describe them they come across as blah.

Looking out the window the colors are muted but the definition of the branches on the bushes and trees is so precise. The view of the mountains when I take a walk is exquisite in its preciseness. Not the soft green look of summer or vibrant oranges and reds of fall or bright new green of spring but the well defined lines of branches, of trees the contrasting colors of rock and tree and ground and patches of snow. In some areas the snow is thick but the lines of the trees show above them. The trails up the sides of the ridgeline draw your imagination through the woods. The view of the distant Mt. Greylock so clear against its surroundings.

To this there is a different beauty

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