Sunday, January 13, 2008

January thaw

The past week has been January thaw. An experience in New England then the temperature moderates and most of the snow melts. Sort of an intermission from winter. Too early to be spring, too warm to be winter.

This past week has also been rainy and the air has been warm. People are out and about more and enjoying the sun. The smaller animals are roaming for food nibbling at the grass and foraging the leftovers from the bird feeder.

I find the snow eating fogs fascinating. When the air becomes warmer and so saturated with moisture it forms a dense fog that seems to reach down to the snow. It is difficult to see the air from the snow. When the fog is gone much of the snow has also gone. The snowmen have all melted, their garments piled on the ground in a heap.

But as with all intermissions they soon end. Tomorrow predictions of up to a foot of snow, winter advisories, talk of snow day. Winter returns but spring is all the closer.

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